Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message:


The ambition of the great man and the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, had been to wipe every tear from every eye, in order to achieve that goal we need to revolutionize our society against crime Human rights.

We heed to eradicate this cancerous disease, this cancerous disease, which has weakened the roots of our prosperous nation. Corruption and Crime, both are interlinked and flourish together. Only by removing corruption, we can remove the poverty of the society (which is more than 65% of the population) and can achieve the expected growth of our society and country. Corruption can only be removed by reducing the gap between the Governing and the governed.Corruption evokes crime and crime evokes corruption and both are disastrous for the peace and prosperity of the society. We here at “International Equitable Human Rights Social Council (IEHRSC)” Strive towards eradicating corruption & crime and addressing public grievances at the right platform for their Justice.

We jointly help people to reach them to the proper and concerned authorities for the “Solution” of their problems and ensure that there should be an “Impartial Judgment". IEHR Social Council (Regd.) is a non- political organization and registered as per the law. It is a social and non- profitable organization working for the welfare of the general public. We believe that “Corruption and Crime” Should have ho place in civilized society and healthy country.


Our duty is to make a corruption and "crime free society for our coming generation”.


We hereby request to the public in general to come forward to join “IEHR Social Council (Regd.)” to strengthen each other to fight against the corruption Devil and help each other to make the progressive society and prosperous & Developed nation.


Thanks & Regards,


#Sanjay Sinha


Chairman-cum-Managing Director


(Chairman cum Managing Director)







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